TFAI publications were recognized and recommended by the 46th Golden Tripod Awards - Film Appreciation journal (Magazine Publication category: Arts and Humanities Magazine), The Reveal of Film Censorship Documents I & II (Magazine Publication category: Feature Writing), and Cinema in Paint: Chen Tzu-Fu's Hand-drawn Movie Posters (Book Publication category: Non-fiction).


To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the passing of renown director King HU, TFAI Chairman LAN Tsu-wei, Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actor SHIH Chun, and others visited Hu’s monument. They briefed Hu on the opening of the “Wuxia Genre in Taiwan” film series and audiovisual exhibition on the 21st and expressed gratitude for his contributions.


HUNG Chun-hsiu’s latest work Remember Me was selected as the opening film of the 13th Taiwan International Documentary Festival. The screening would mark the film’s world premiere. TIDF also shared this year’s key visual which reflected the post-pandemic and potential future life with a surreal and childlike style representing the festival’s core value of “Re-encountering Reality”.


After announcing the shortlist of three main competitions a few days ago, TIDF announced this year’s Outstanding Achievement Award would go to LEE Daw-ming for his longtime contributions to documentary filmmaking, research, and education.


Committed to promoting the cultural equity and accessibility of films, and the lifelong visual education, TFAI organized the "We Learn at the Cinema" event to increase the public’s understanding of Taiwan cinema.


To celebrate the 44th anniversary of TFAI, TFAI organized regular talks titled “TFAI – The Pioneers”, inviting renown professionals in film, television, and radio, such as Ang LEE, Kevin TSAI, and Feng-I Fiona ROAN to give in-depth talks moderated by Chairman LAN Tsu-wei. The guests were encouraged to share before-and-behind-the-scenes stories which would go down in history as precious memories.


The 13th TIDF was held from May 6th to 15th, 2022 in Taipei. The shortlist of the three highly anticipated competitions “Asian‌ ‌Vision‌ ‌‌Competition”, “International ‌Competition”, and the “‌Taiwan ‌‌Competition” was announced. The nominated Taiwanese directors gathered at the ceremony and were presented with nomination certificates by TFAI Chairman LAN Tsu-wei in a cheerful occasion.


Launched the “TFAI Tour”, inviting a TFAI staff member to give a tour on the last Sunday of each month. The tour would cover the history of TFAI, and guide guests to use the audio guide, watch films, and enjoy the library, encouraging them to discover treasures in the audiovisual history and listen to the story of images.


TFAI received an important collection of artifacts from Taiwan's television history. The collection consisted of digital copies of precious TV dramas produced over the years by the renowned producer "Auntie" CHOU Yo and her husband, director LI Chao-yong. The couple donated the collection of nearly 3,000 items to TFAI for preservation and archiving. On the day of the donation ceremony, TFAI Chairman LAN Tsu-wei, along with CHOU Yo and her husband LI Chao-yong, jointly signed the donation agreement.


The 13th TIDF kicked off at TFAI, with screenings and events taking place from May 6th to May 15th at TFAI, the Vieshow Cinema at Taipei's Qsquare, the SPOT - Huashan Cinema, and Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab C-LAB. The festival featured 188 documentaries, 72 post-screening discussions, 2 master classes, 2 online lecture series, and 2 online forums. In addition, there was a book fair in collaboration with the Friendly Book Supplies Co-operative, and a book sale at the SPOT - Huashan Cinema corridor. The opening film was the world premiere of director HUNG Chun-hsiu's new work Remember Me after a 7-year hiatus. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture LEE Ching-hwi, TFAI Director WANG Chun-chi, competition judges, and nominated directors watched the opening film together and celebrated the opening of TIDF.


After two years of planning, TFAI, the Cinémathèque française, and the French Office in Taipei co-presented the “French Classics Rediscovered: Freedom for Us!” film festival from June 3rd to July 31st at the TFAI Xinzhuang building. The festival featured a total of 31 films, including French silent films and talkies from the 1920s and 1930s, films by French masters, and classic films. With "freedom" as the core theme, and festival was divided into three programs: "Freedoms Explode," "A Liberty for Women," and "A Way Out to Freedom." Tickets for the film festival went on sale.


The annual medical comedy series Mad Doctor produced by Public Television Service (PTS) held a joint premiere at TFAI. New Taipei City Mayor HOU You-yi, Director-General of the Government Information Office CHANG Ai-chin, director LAI Meng-jie, actress Janel TSAI, PTS General Manager HSU Chiu-hua, PTS Program Manager YU Pei-hua, producers ZHAN Yu-shan and ZHAN Tzu-yi from the Neverland Entertainment Limited, Vice President HSIEH Pang-chang of Fu Jen Catholic University, Vice President HUNG Kun-long of Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital, and TFAI Director WANG Chun-chi attended the event to show their support.


On the eve of the 15th anniversary of the passing of renowned Taiwanese director Edward YANG, Director of Taipei Fine Arts Museum WANG Jun-jieh and TFAI Chairman LAN Tsui-wei signed a cooperation agreement with Yang's widow, PENG Kai-li, to hold a retrospective of Yang's work (tentatively titled "Edward YANG Retrospective") and to digitally restore two of his films, A Confucian Confusion (1994) and Mahjong (1996). An international forum, organized by Director WANG Jun-jieh and film scholar SING Song-yong was set to take place in mid-July, 2023 at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum; meanwhile, TFAI would screen all of Yang's films.


From June onwards, the “TFAI – The Pioneers” series of talks for the second half of the year would be co-produced and broadcast by Public Television Service (PTS). Through in-depth interviews with the pioneers, the series aims to uncover behind-the-scenes stories of the film, television, and radio industries. After each talk, the complete recording would be available for streaming on the PTS+ platform, as well as on the PTS and TFAI YouTube channels. Starting from October 8th, the series would also be broadcast on PTS's main channel (including MOD channels) every Saturday afternoon at 3pm.


To strength audiovisual assets’ presence in people’s lives and give back to local communities, TFAI collaborated with the New Taipei City Government to offer basic membership to New Taipei City residents without charge. From now on, residents can apply for basic membership for the first time free of charge by presenting their IDs at TFAI’s counter. They can either join the "Time Keeper" plan for free, or the "Time Traveler" plan with NT$300 deducted from the annual fee.


The “French Classics Rediscovered: Freedom for Us!” film festival celebrated a grand opening, screening Lumière et Ombre and La Tour. Renowned musician LIM Giong, multiple winner of the Cannes Film Festival and Golden Horse Awards for Best Film Score, was invited to create a new soundtrack. Lim employed the avant-garde electronic style to echo the bold experimental spirit of French films from the 1920s. His live performance stunned the audience. The opening film Paris qui dort took the audience on a journey through time and space, entering the dreamlike birthplace of cinema a century ago.


To support young filmmakers in Taiwan, TFAI and PTS co-organized the “PTS Innovative Story – Starting Point” student film screenings on June 18th and 19th at TFAI's Small Cinema. Eight works from this year's "PTS Innovative Story" student film lineup were shown on the big screen. Golden Bell winner for Best Actress LU Yi-ching, director LEE Chi-yuarn who is dedicated to film and television education, as well as Golden Bell winner for Best Director and Screenwriter HSU Li-da and CHEN Yu-li were invited to attend and share their filmmaking experience.


The “Rural Cinema Project” entered its fourth year. Actress WU Ke-xi was invited to serve as this year’s ambassador. She would visit towns and villages in Taiwan to share the charm of cinema. This year’s “Rural Cinema Project” was set to tour 5 cities and counties, screening 6 Taiwanese films from July 30th to October 15th.


The "The Voice of Jianghu: Master of a Thousand Voices – Huang Wen-tse Memorial Exhibition", organized by Pili International Multimedia Co.,Ltd., was held at TFAI and was free to visit. During the exhibition, two films The Legend of The Sacred Stone and DEMIGOD: The Legend Begins were screened. Unlike previous exhibitions that focused on puppetry, this exhibition was curated around master HUANG Wen-tse's performing career, including his voice acting, classic TV series, and critically acclaimed films, in order to honor his contributions to the arts.


After years of anticipation from fans, the classic Taiwanese gangster film Dust of Angels released in 1992 was digitally restored in 4K by TFAI and re-released nationwide on July 8th, 30 years after its initial release. Premier of Executive Yuan SU Tseng-chang and Minister of Culture LEE Yung-te attended the premiere at TFAI. The film's creative team was also invited to attend the screening and to celebrate the film's rebirth. It was TFAI’s hope that the film’s restored version would attest to TFAI’s restoration capabilities and that Taiwan classics would be seen by the world again.


Edward YANG’s A Confucian Confusion was selected by the Venice Classics, marking the international recognition for Taiwan's independent digital restoration efforts. Authorized by Yang's widow, PENG Kai-li, A Confucian Confusion was digitally restored in 4K by TFAI, and made a comeback on the world stage. During the Venice Film Festival from August 31st to September 10th, the film made its world premiere, allowing overseas fans to witness Yang's directorial skills, as well as his bold attempts to break through and take on an urban comedy after A Brighter Summer Day. The premiere of the restored version at the Venice Film Festival not only revisited the director's sharp creativity, but also affirmed the value of independent restoration of classic films in Taiwan.


Continuing the idea of encouraging outstanding professionals in film, television, and radio, TFAI co-organized the second “Joint Awards Ceremony for Professional Excellence in Film, Television, and Radio” with 9 other organizations - Directors Guild of Taiwan, R.O.C., Chinese Society of Cinematographers, Yang Shi Chi  Memorial Award Committee, Taiwan Film Critics Society, Taipei Film and Drama Union, Taiwan Film Producer Association, Taipei City Dubbing Artists Professional Association, Commercial Radio Broadcasting Association, and Taiwan Screenwriters Association. The 9 organizations respectively nominated outstanding and hardworking professionals in film, television, and radio. The winners were presented with awards and given the utmost recognition.


To commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of “Godfather of Taiwan Cinema” – director LEE Hsing, TFAI held the “LEE Hsing Retrospective” from August 19th to September 4th, screening 10 representative works, and the documentary about Lee. Admission was free with ticket registration. Meanwhile, an online exhibition of Lee’s artifacts was made available.


Hill of No Return was re-screened after 30 years thanks to TFAI’s preservation. It provided a perfect ending to the Tainan trip of the PTS and Gala Television Corporation reality TV program Hey girls, Adventure! hosted by YANG Kuei-mei, CHUNG Hsin-ling, and YEN Yi-wen.


The first 13th board of directors officially approved the case of Director WANG Chun-chi returning to National Dong Hwa University, and nominated Dr. Louis C. LEE, CEO of the Financial Innovation Research Center at the School of FinTech at Ming Chuan University, as the next TFAI  CEO.


Dedicated to preserving Taiwan's precious audiovisual heritage and promoting culture, TFAI continued to organize the "Rural Cinema Project” screening tour. The first screening of the year was successfully held in Wulai District, New Taipei City. The second screening would take place on August 9th in front of the Changbin Township Office in Taitung County, showing the heartwarming Taiwanese comedy Listen Before You Sing. The aim was to provide a high-quality cinema experience and allow the audience to feel the unique charm of the big screen.


The “2022 Rural Cinema Project” screened HOU Hsiao-hsien’s The Time to Live and the Time to Die in Yunlin’s Kouhu Township. WU Ke-xi, ambassador of the cultural equity and accessibility of films, watched the film with the audience on a summer’s day at a packed open-air venue. The post-screening event met even more enthusiasm from local residents.


“Stanley Kubrick Special Screenings” were held from August 5th to 14th at TFAI, screening the legendary director’s 5 classic films, including Full Metal Jacket and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Coinciding with the ghost month, Kubrick’s classic horror The Shining was selected as the opening film. The aim was not only to rack the audience’s nerves but also to encourage cinephiles to experience Kubrick's masterpieces on the big screen.


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)’s CREATORS project, C-LAB organized "Shape of the Future: CREATORS 5th Anniversary" events from August 27th to September 4th, spanning two weekends. In addition to its own rich program, C-LAB collaborated with TFAI to hold a special 5th anniversary screening, bringing together past teams, observers, judges, and partners who have participated in this project. The diverse activities aimed to share the progress, achievements, and current status of the various CREATORS projects with the public.


CATCHPLAY and Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation co-organized the “Yonfan ’s Le Temps Perdu” Film Festival from September 23rd to October 6th exclusively at TFAI and Vieshow Cinemas, featuring 7 classic films by director YON Fan.


To mark the World Alzheimer's Month in September and the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage in October, TFAI and Taiwan Catholic Foundation of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia jointly held a press conference to call on the public to pay attention to the importance of preserving audiovisual materials, i.e., preserving our collective memory, and to address the issue of population ageing and dementia. They further co-organized the "Taipei Memory - Time Cinema", featuring 8 screenings of old films from now till the end of October at the Taipei Wanhua Seniors Service Center. The project aimed to help seniors relive their fond memories of youth while providing caregivers with a much-needed break.


The 33rd anniversary screening of the digital version of A City of Sadness (1989) was held by TFAI, ERA Digital Media Co. Ltd, and the Motion Picture Foundation, R.O.C. Producer CHIU Fu-sheng and the creative team, including editor LIAO Ching-sung, sound recordist TU Du-chih, cinematographer CHEN Hwai-en, still photographer CHEN Shao-wei, crew member LIN Tien-kuei, and actors Jack KAO, LIN Ju, CHANG Ta-chuen, WU I-fang, Tai Bo (CHANG Chia-nien), and WU Nien-jen, were invited to revisit this classic masterpiece together. The event also marked the beginning of the "Taiwan New Cinema: Revisited - 40th Anniversary Retrospective" in October at TFAI.


Sponsored by the Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office in Germany, hosted by “Impression Taiwan”, and co-organized by “Taiwan Cinema Toolkit” and TFAI, the “Taiwan Film Festival Berlin” held its 5th year festival from September 23rd to October 2nd at Berlin’s Kino in der Kulturbrauerei. Tickets went on sale on September 9th. The three programs selected this year featured 12 films of varying lengths. Due to the pandemic, the two previous film festivals were held online. This year the festival returned to a physical venue, hoping to attract more people in Germany to come enjoy the films in theaters.


Continuing the 2021 “Return of Images” workshop, TFAI used the two audiovisual mediums - “35mm film reels” and “VHS tapes” again for the curation of this year’s “35mm Film Reel Repair Workshop” held on September 24th and October 1st.


The late director Edward YANG’s A Confucian Confusion was selected to be screened at the Revivals program of the 60th New York Film Festival. The film won Golden Horse Best Original Screenplay in 1994, and was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival, as well as being chosen for New York Film Festival. Selected again after 28 years, this time digitally restored in 4K, it is evident that the film appeals to New Yorkers.


The 3rd “Miaobei Arts Festival” was held at the Miaobei Art Center in Miaoli County’s Zhunan Township, kicking off with the “Masters Revisited” exhibition series which featured two exhibitions: "Great Auntie in Miaobei" by LIU Hsing-chin, national treasure cartoonist who has been popular for decades; and the “Wuxia Genre in Taiwan” exhibition co-curated by TFAI. Both exhibitions would run till December 25th.


To celebrate 40 years of Taiwan new cinema, TFAI organized the "Taiwan New Cinema: Revisited - 40th Anniversary Retrospective" and held the opening press conference on the evening of the 7th, inviting Sylvia CHANG to attend. Chang shared anecdotes from the old filming days, and encouraged young filmmakers to not dwell on box office figures, but to be bolder in creating their own language of their time.


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the passing of legendary French filmmaker Chris Marker, TFAI co-organized the “Homage to Chris Marker: The Time Traveler in Cinema” classic film festival with Taichung Film Development Foundation’s Zhong Shan 73 Cinema Art Space, Kaohsiung Film Archive, and the Hualien Railway Cinema, screening 6 films from October 22nd to 30th.


On October 27th, the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage set by UNESCO, TFAI held three free screenings of restored classics - Ah Fei, The Wandering of Three Siblings, and the Blade Runner; and held an auction for the precious film poster donated by Kevin TSAI; as well as an open-air screening of Tarzan and the Treasure, celebrating with the public and safeguarding treasures of our collective memory.


As the year neared its close,, TFAI held the “Wish you a MOVIE Christmas” series of events, including the “Homage to Chris Marker: The Time Traveler in Cinema” classic film festival to get into December’s festive Christmas spirit. TFAI also held a screening of Trainspotting and a pre-screening “Wireless Headphone DJ Party” with qiūbō Radio playing the music and inviting the audience to the “It’s Saturday! Let’s Chill with Films” party.


Chairman of Taiwan Radio, MA Chang-sheng and Chairman of Chuan Da Co., Ltd., E.Fu. KU jointly donated 213 tapes of TV programs produced and aired from the late 1990s to early 2000s, such as Starry Night, Fluctuating Emotions, Happy Office Workers, Open Service Station for Foreign Workers, Spanish Lessons, and Mandarin and Taiwanese Songs, etc. These tapes are fundamental to the future history and culture studies of Taiwan’s private radio stations.


New Taipei City Government accepted TFAI’s acquisition request of additional spaces for data preservation, restoration, and other activities, and carried out the "National Film and Culture Center Phase 2 Venue" urban planning change. The original "parking and cinema" site was changed to "cinema and parking", expanding the floor space of TFAI, while saving 500 slots for car and motorcycle parking. The content of the urban planning change was announced and made available for public viewing on December 23rd.


International Film Festival Rotterdam announced this year’s shortlist on the 19th. TFAI’s restored song-and-dance classic Romance at Lung Shan Temple directed by PAI Ko, the “Forefather of Taiwan cinema”, was selected among other world classics, to be screened at the Cinema Regained program.


Premiered 20 years ago, the film Infernal Affairs and its sequels featuring a star-studded cast including Andy LAU, Tony LEUNG, Kelly CHEN, Sammi CHENG, Eric TSANG, Edison CHEN, and this year's Golden Horse winner for Best Actor - Anthony WONG, have become an irreplaceable classic to many fans. The story revolves around police and triads sending undercover agents to infiltrate each other's organizations. TFAI held a special event titled "Infernal Affairs Trilogy - New Year's Eve Special" on December 31st, featuring screenings of all three films from the afternoon till midnight, inviting the audience to relive the excitement together.


TIDF and the documentary genre have garnered more public attention since the release of Inside the Red Brick Wall, Taking back the Legislature, and this year’s A Holy Family and And Miles to Go Before I Sleep. After screening over 100 documentaries from around the world each year, TIDF would hold a screening tour. This year the tour began at TFAI’s Xinzhuang building on January 6th.