In Our Time (Restored)

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In Our Time (Restored)

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陶德辰 Jim TAO、楊德昌 Edward YANG、柯一正 KO I-chen、張毅 CHANG Yi|臺灣 Taiwan|1982|DCP|Colour|110min


1982 金馬獎最佳女配角提名 Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Golden Horse Awards


★ 本片剪輯廖慶松將出席 8/26 映後座談 Post-screening Q&A with Editor Liao Ching-Sung






In Our Time consists of four segments. The second segment, Expectations, is directed by Edward Yang. The story follows Xiao-fen, a teenage girl living with her mother and older sister, whose life takes a turn when a college boy becomes a lodger in their home. As Xiao-fen experiences her first menstruation, romantic desires emerge. How will she navigate these sudden changes? Proficient in classical music, Yang considers Expectations as the second movement of the whole piece, delicately unfolding the intimate growth experiences of women with an adagio rhythm and precise mise-en-scene.


"That sense of helplessness during a girl's first menstruation is significant. It goes beyond mere emotions. Emotions are rooted in personal experiences. Therefore, engaging emotions and rationality is essential to evoke a new sensation. It allows you to explore beyond personal experiences, making things more intriguing." —Edward Yang