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Homage to Lee Hsing: A Retrospective

Lee Hsing (1930-2021), lauded as 'the godfather of Taiwanese cinema’ in the Chinese film scene, had directed 52 films and numerous stage plays. Starting his career in the era of Taiwanese-Language Cinema (taiyupian) in the 1960s, he had gone through the period of Healthy Realism, the influence of the aesthetics of color propaganda, and the sensation of Qiong Yao film (films based on works by renowned romance novelist Qiong Yao). Still, his works retain a sense of educational entertainment which not only served the purpose of political propaganda but also conveyed a sense of compassion for the society. 

In October 2022, the first anniversary of Lee Hsing’s passing, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute will launch a program with 8 carefully selected titles from Lee Hsing’s oeuvre as well as 2 documentaries on the philosophy and the extraordinary career journey of his that spanned more than four decades, commemorating his contribution to the filmmaking scene in the Chinese-speaking world.

|Venue|Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute(TFAI)
|Festival Date|2022/08/19(FRI) — 09/04(SUN)
|Tickets Sale|2022/08/05(FRI) 12:00, by OPENTIX(