Yi Yi: A One and A Two…

P, 6+
Yi Yi: A One and A Two…

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楊德昌 Edward YANG|日本 Japan|2000|DCP|Color|173min


2000 坎城影展最佳導演 Best Director, Cannes FF


★ 本片演員吳念真將出席 9/17 映後座談 Post-screening Q&A with Actor Wu Nien-jen






Yi Yi: A One and A Two… is Edward Yang's last feature film and the finale of the New Taipei Trilogy. It delves into the lives of a middle-class family as they navigate dilemmas and seek the meaning of existence. Yang skillfully weaves together the characters' experiences, creating multi-layered and abundant portraits. The film's sophisticated storytelling and harmonious tone are regarded as Yang's pinnacle achievement, earning him the Best Director award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. Subsequently, he announced his departure from filmmaking to pursue animation. Due to copyright issues, Yi Yi finally received its anticipated theatrical release in Taiwan in 2017, many years after his death.


"When telling a story about life, one can capture every stage from birth to death through an individual's perspective. However, if I were to tell such a story, focusing on a "family" is the ideal approach. Because each life stage would be represented, and all the members would be closely interconnected. Their experiences could be reflected upon one another." —Edward Yang