Terrorizers (Restored)

P, 6+
Terrorizers (Restored)

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楊德昌 Edward YANG|臺灣 Taiwan|1986|DCP|Color|109min


1986 金馬獎最佳劇情片 Best Feature Film, Golden Horse Awards

1987 盧卡諾影展銀豹獎 Silver Leopard, Locarno FF


★ 10/14 場次將有映後座談 Post-screening Q&A on October 14.






The marriage of Yu-feng and Li-zhong has reached a stalemate. Yu-feng, a writer, faces a creative block, while Li-zhong pins hope on a promotion. A teenage girl's prank calls become the subject of Yu-feng's award-winning novel. As their lives unravel, frustration builds like a gas tank on the verge of explosion. The film constructs multidimensional contexts through precise audiovisual deployment, depicting loneliness, deceit, and violence in modern society. The proliferating plot generates multiple meanings and liberates the freedom of film narration."


"The most exciting aspect of Terrorizers is Wang An's real-life experience of making prank calls. Since the story revolves around this, there must be a married couple and a mother. This is a logical development, like a puzzle game. However, I later decided that the characters should be unrelated. After the intertwining of storylines, their lives are completely transformed. This was the initial creative motivation, so in the end, the film is a resolution of this premise." —Edward Yang