That Day, on the Beach (Restored)

P, 6+
That Day, on the Beach (Restored)

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楊德昌 Edward YANG|臺灣 Taiwan|1983|DCP|Color|166min


1983 金馬獎最佳劇情片、原著劇本、導演提名 Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Golden Horse Awards

1983 亞太影展最佳攝影 Best Cinematogrpahy, Asia Pacific FF


★ 本片演員李烈將出席 8/19 映後座談 Post-screening Q&A with Actress Lee Lieh






Jia-li reunites with Wei-qing, her brother's former girlfriend. Years ago, obedient to their father, Jia-li's brother broke up with Wei-qing. In contrast, Jia-li defied her father's wishes and fought for her love, only to end up in a broken marriage. However, everything changes after she discovers some suspicious footprints on the beach. This film is Edward Yang's directorial feature debut, jointly produced by Cinema City Enterprises Co. and CMPC. The narrative intertwines memories and reality, reflecting the rapid changes in 1980s Taiwan through the life experiences of women. This film represents a groundbreaking achievement in Taiwanese cinema, not only its departure from the traditional studio system but with its epic structure and contemporary youth perspective.


"Main Objective: To articulate a marital relationship which has suffered from rapidly growing economic society, changes in social values, changes in social rhythm, changes in human relative distances, and conflicts between the old moral standards and the new practicality. From a marginally positioned housewife's point of view." —Excerpt from Edward Yang's note on That Day, on the Beach