Floating Weeds

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Floating Weeds

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楊德昌 Edward YANG|臺灣 Taiwan|1981|DCP|Color|144min


▲ 影片拷貝非英語發音且無英文字幕 Non-English language film without English subtitles






Yue-hua moves to Taipei to pursue her dream, sharing a residence with Yin-chun and Li-ling. She works part-time and takes on modeling gigs, causing a buzz in her hometown with a magazine feature. Her boyfriend Zheng-xiong visits and urges her to return home for employment, but he leaves disappointed. Later, Yin-chun gets married, and Li-ling turns to escort services for a living. Witnessing the harsh reality, Yue-hua decides to return to her countryside roots, only to discover Zheng-xiong already married someone else.


In 1981, Edward Yang returned to Taiwan from the US. After his screenwriting work on The Winter of 1905, he met Sylvia Chang and was invited to direct Floating Weeds, an episode of the TV series Eleven Women. This series introduced new directors and was seen as a starting point for Taiwan New Cinema. Floating Weeds showcased Yang's visual storytelling potential, marking the beginning of his directing career and leading to his subsequent work, In Our Time.


※ 本片原始素材為僅存錄影帶轉檔,僅有SD畫質且部分段落明顯脫磁或訊號佚失,購票前敬請斟酌。

Notice: This title was a TV drama shot on analog video and broadcast on TTV in 1981. The material is in SD quality and transferred from the only video tape deposited by Ms. Kaili Peng. There are several segments with obvious video dropout. Please consider this before purchasing the tickets.