Letter from the chairmanChairman

Welcome to Taiwan’s archive of time.


We endeavor to collect audio-visual works completed in Taiwan, regardless of length or material. And they are indeed given a home in our archives. Firstly, we ensure the materials are preserved in adequate environments. We then study and organize them, and restore them one by one to their original forms. Finally, we present them in the forms of exhibitions or screenings to people of all ages, offering the public opportunities to review, revisit, or rediscover these materials.


This website is a portal into understanding what we do: curating exhibitions, programming screenings, putting out publications, interviewing celebrities, promoting activities, producing promotional merchandise, etc., all of which stem from the audio-visual materials we preserve, and they originate from, of course, the heart and soul of our predecessors. Whether you are browsing, beholding, or savouring, I have no doubt the beauty of yesteryears would fill you with immense warmth and bliss.


Websites also serve as decoders. With the help of search engines, forgotten or mistaken names, stories, or periods can resurface. When obscured names or images suddenly become clear, you may rejoice in the sweet recollection. When memories are awakened, whether they were those of laughter or tears, the dialogue between yesterday and today recommences. You will thus gain more clarity on how you have evolved from who you were a long time ago, into who you are now in the context of your time.


Time is merciless and irreversible. However, TFAI aspires to take on the merciful role because we believe memory comes with warmth and color. Once you open the time capsule, details of the past will emerge.


If you recognize our hard work, please give us words of encouragement. If you notice our shortcomings, please do advise us. Collective memory belongs to us all. Only with your participation will we be able to forge onwards.



Chairman LAN Tsu-wei