Special Focus

Virtual Reality: The Man Who Couldn't Leave

Date|05.06-06.18  FRI-SUN/06.21-07.02  WED-SUN

Venue| 1st Floor Lobby, TFAI


Optional Chinese or English subtitles are provided for each VR screening, which takes place hourly during the opening days. For screening schedule and ticket info, please visit TFAI’s official website or www.opentix.life/o/tfai.


The Man Who Couldn't Leave

陳芯宜 Singing CHEN|臺灣 Taiwan |2022|VR360|Color|35min


2022 Best Experience of Venice Immersive, Venice FF


Within the walls of the former Green Island prison, political detainee A-Kuen, tells the stories of imprisonment and persecution in the 1950s. Among fellow inmates, frozen in time, he recounts his own experiences and those of his friend, A-Ching, who never made it out. Experience the time and place, and the waiting, in hope, for a chance to keep the stories alive.


The Man Who Couldn’t Leave integrates the stories of numerous political victims of the White Terror and told through the form of an undelivered family letter. An immersive VR experience of hope, fear and camaraderie.