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Erotic Wonders: Masumura Yasuzo

Post-war Japan cinema giant Masumura Yasuzo (1924-1986), daring in expression, has directed over 50 films during his career. The Japanese New Wave pioneer is especially renowned for his adaptations of literature and portrayal of the feminine world, as represented by five of his iconic selections from 1958-1969 in this mini-retrospective.


Having studied in Italy and influenced by western ideology, Masumura exposes the individualism and freedom prohibited by Japanese society with profound cinematic narration. His erotic universe often centers around women who express their desires without shame, accompanied by a series of captivating paradoxes, revealing the sincerest sentiments within.


Hong Kong International Film Festival has paid homage to Masumura with the "Sensual Provocateur" retrospective, which highlighted his contributions to Japan cinema history with erotic films. Following the "The Lustful World: Masumura Yasuzo" in Kaohsiung Film Archive, the visions of the Maestro will make its appearance at TFAI for an experience of eros and lust. 


Film Synopses by Ryan CHENG

Special Thanks: Kaohsiung Film Archive