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Love is in the Air: Taiwan Romance Classics

Taiyupian (Taiwanese-Language Films) dominated the Taiwan cinema market for more than two decades between the 50s and 80s, creating over 1000 films. Though only one-tenth of the films survived, they paint a vivid picture of the contemporary social environment, contributing to grasping the full picture of Taiyupian development. One of the most popular genres of Taiyupian is romance. Though every romantic Taiyupian is never without a pair of typical lovers suffering from trials of gender stereotypes or moral boundaries, the diversity of Taiyupian allows every encounter to be distinctively one of a kind. 

"Love is in the Air: Taiwan Romance Classics" selects seven Taiyupian classics, inviting all to travel back in time with us, to experience the bitter and sweetness of a Taiwanese love affair.



Romance at Lung Shan Temple (Restored)

The Husband's Secret (Restored)

May 13th, Night of Sorrow (Restored)

Encounter at the Station (Restored)

Dangerous Youth (Restored)

Foolish Bride, Naive Bridegroom (Restored)

Back to Anping Harbour (Restored)


|Location|Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute

|Date|2023/01/27 (Fri.)—2023/02/26 (Sun.)

|Ticket Information|https://www.opentix.life/o/tfai