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French Classics Rediscovered: Freedom For Us!

In 2019, the retrospective "Le cinéma de (mauvais) genre taiwanais", co-organized with the TFAI, took place at the Cinémathèque française in Paris. French audiences were able to discover long forgotten parts of Taiwanese cinema from the 1960s to the 1980s; giving an opening to a nation’s cinema known only in the West for its ‘80s New Wave.

In return, TFAI and Cinémathèque française, in collaboration with the French Office in Taipei, offer 20 years of French cinema produced between 1915 and 1939, a period less known than France’s own New Wave of the 1960s, yet equally essential. The program focuses on a pivotal period, the transition to sound films, and the consequently threatened silent cinema.

From the inventiveness of silent cinema and the transition to talkies, through the narrative experimentalism of the 1920s, to films advocating for an egalitarian society in the 1930s, “French Classics Rediscovered – Freedom for Us” is divided into three programs: Freedom Explodes, A Liberty for Women, and A Freedom of Sensibilities. Together they introduce France’s inter-war cinema and its unique bubble of freedom.

|Venue|Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute(TFAI)
|Festival Date|2022/06/03(FRI)—07/31(SUN)
|Tickets Sale|2022/05/18(WED) 12:00, by OPENTIX(