A Flower in the Raining Night (Taiwanese-language Version)

P, 6+
A Flower in the Raining Night (Taiwanese-language Version)

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王童 WANG Toon|台灣 Taiwan|1983|DCP|Color|100min

1983 金馬獎最佳女主角、女配角 Best Leading Actress & Best Supporting Actress, Golden Horse Awards

★ 4/29 (六) 13:30 場次將由導演王童與原著暨編劇黃春明出席映後對談 Post-screening talk with Wang Toon and Huang Chun-ming




How can a flower in a rainy night settle down and take root? How does one control their own destiny? After Pik-mui was sold into prostitution by her foster father as a child, the degrading mistreatment she suffered causes her to lose hope for the future. One day, she encounters one of her sisters, who is now a happily married mother that makes Pik-mui very envious. Having always liked children, Pik-mui secretly decides to find a kind and honest man to have her own child with.

Wang Toon's first Taiwan nativist-themed film is an adaptation of writer Huang Chun-ming's novel of the same name. Performing well both artistically and commercially, the film helped Lu Hsiao-fen shed her "glamor star" label and won her the Golden Horse Awards for Best Leading Actress, while also sparking a wave of Taiwan nativist literature adaptations. The screenings will show the rare Taiwanese-language version instead of the commercially available one in Mandarin.