Film Series

In Memoriam: Tribute to the Stars We’ve Lost

2022 witnessed the departure of many Taiwan's entertainment icons. The season grows cold, but our hearts remain in gratitude to the pioneers who have expanded our experience of movie love. In memory of 10 artists, a selection of 11 classic titles will return to the silver screen where we can count the stars, reminiscing their glory once and forever. 


Four Loves - In Memoriam of Actor Bage

Goodbye, Taipei (Restored) - In Memoriam of Singer and Actor Wen Hsia, Actor Tuo Hsien (Chen Bing-nan)

A Talk with Yin-shang Liu - In Memoriam of  Actress Liu Ying-shang

The End of the Track - In Memoriam of Actress Liu Ying-shang

The Petite Wife - In Memoriam of Director Liao Hsiang-hsiung

The Brave and the Evil - In Memoriam of Director and Actor Jimmy Wang

The Warmth of an Old House - In Memoriam of Actor Chang Feng

The Peach Blossom Land - In Memoriam of Actor Ku Pao-ming

Soul - In Memoriam of Actor Jimmy Wang, Singer Wen Hsia

Elena - In Memoriam of Actor Lung Shao-Hua

The Bold, the Corrupt, and the Beautiful - In Memoriam of Performing Artist Yang Hsiu-ching


|Location|Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute

|Date|2022/12/02 (Fri.)—2023/01/01 (Sun.)