Daily News – A Chronicle of Our Days + 91

Daily News – A Chronicle of Our Days + 91

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Daily News – A Chronicle of Our Days


迪娜・卡拉曼Dina KARAMAN︱俄羅斯Russia︱2019︱Blu-ray︱B&W, Colour︱62 min

2019 莫斯科國際實驗影展 Moscow International Experimental Film Festival

2019 聖彼得堡國際影展 Message to Man International Film Festival


Newsreels were one of the most powerful tools of Soviet propaganda. They also make up a significant part of the state film archives. In the newsreels, the recent past presents itself as a monolith of silent images, firmly stitched together by the narrator's voice and soundtrack subtly playing the viewer's feelings. It is exactly this original sound that the artist suggests to detach from. Just two or three minutes long episodes retain the original montage, which was meant to follow the upbeat narration. Flickering images of the past, which perhaps can only become enchanting to us today by revealing their muteness.


迪娜・卡拉曼Dina KARAMAN等十位︱俄羅斯Russia︱2021︱Blu-ray︱Colour︱26 min

2021 聖彼得堡國際影展 Message to Man International Film Festival


The experimental work was made by a collective of ten filmmakers, a generation raised in the beginning of the 90’s Russia. A film pieces together found home video tapes made by their relatives from that time and a sonic trip down the memory lane to the streets of the 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt in August, Moscow. The events that brought about the end of the Soviet era become the reference point for the elusive reality of the next decade, documented by the people of the new country with their home cameras.

★ 10/9 (日) 16:10場次,創作者迪娜・卡拉曼及弗拉基米爾.納登將出席映後座談。

The screening on 10/9 will be followed by a Q&A session with filmmakers Dina KARAMAN and Vladimir NADEIN.


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